5 reasons guys are switching to FYODOR deodorant

  1. THE FORMULA WORKS. Fyodor skipped the toxic ingredients and made a powerful deodorant that guarantees long-lasting odour protection.

  2. IT SMELLS GOOD. Fyodor got the scents right. The spirited nature-inspired scents are perfect for the discerning man.

  3. IT’S ALUMINIUM AND BAKING-SODA FREE. Aluminium has been linked to numerous health problems. Baking soda can cause armpit rashes and for people with sensitive skin. Fyodor is a more natural way to prevent body odour, and just as efficient.
  4. IT GOES ON CLEAR AND DOESN’T LEAVE STAINS. Isn’t it frustrating when deodorant leaves white marks or yellow stains on your clothes? Fyodor won't stain clothes, doesn’t crumble, and is not sticky.
  5. ITS MADE IN THE UK, FROM START TO FINISH. Our products are developed and produced with local manufacturers, ensuring close quality control. When you support Fyodor, you’re supporting English industry.

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